peting theories of vagueness. Nonetheless, when Tek is borderline tall, it does seem that the unclarity about whether he is tall is not merely epistemic (i.e. such. Cambridge Studies in Philosophy: Theories of Vagueness by Rosanna Keefe, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In this book Rosanna Keefe explores the questions of what we should want from theories of vagueness and how we should compare them. Her powerful and.

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He crafts the rules for vague partial belief to provide a psychological solution to the sorites paradox. In this respect, vague words resemble indexical terms such as: Fiction and Metaphysics Amie L. However, mixed interpretations are permissible for ambiguous sentences. Why would someone grow weeds?

In contrast, an ambiguous word bears its ambiguity directly—simply in virtue of having multiple meanings. The horizon is more than 1 meter away. The most popular approach is to use an infinite number of truth-values represented by the real numbers between 0 for full falsehood and 1 for full truth.

English can be lethal. First, Gottlob Frege could no longer coherently characterize vague predicates as incoherent.

Rosanna Keefe, Theories of Vagueness – PhilPapers

Most expressions in natural language are vague. Since the base step of the argument is also plainly true and the argument is valid by mathematical induction, we seem to have tehories choice but to reject the second premise.

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And what is the logic of arguments involving this kind of vague expression?

Classical logic is agreed to work fine in the area for which it was designed—mathematics. Who can turn a cub into a cube? Frege portrayed vagueness as a side-effect of laziness.

kefe Jason Stanley suggests that the sorites monger employ the premise:. The girl also balances values: This neatly explains why it is universally impossible to know the truth-value of a borderline statement.

They find it telling that speakers do not go around talking about borderline borderline cases and borderline borderline borderline cases and so forth Vavueness Every species waggles about in its definition, every tool is a little loose in its handle, every scale has its individual. They do not have a license to form beliefs beyond their evidence. Loss of clarity brings loss of warrant.

When students drift to a generic reading, Boolos reminds them that induction step is a formal generalization.

However, when pressed the supervaluationist will add an unofficial clarification: Many-valued Logic An early favorite was many-valued logic. History of Western Philosophy. Sorensen, Roy,Vagueness and ContradictionOxford: Suppose Donald is borderline old and borderline bald. Where does the tail of a snake begin? Indeed, every natural language is self-disambiguating in the sense that each has all the resources needed to uniquely specify any reading one desires.


Epistemicists accept this astonishing consequence. Her study will be of particular interest to readers in philosophy of language and of mind, philosophical logic, epistemology and metaphysics. Acknowledging departure from ordinary usage would relieve him of the obligation to defend the sharp cut-off.

That is why debates can be dissolved by showing that the dispute is over a borderline case. The many-valued logician must first vindicate the analogy by providing details about how to calculate the truth-values of vague statements from the truth-values of their component statements. A false attribution of indeterminacy will lead to the premature abandonment of inquiry.

So it is revealing that these attitudes have trouble getting a purchase on the threshold of oldness or any other vague predicate.

Cambridge Studies in Philosophy: Theories of Vagueness

Ontic Vagueness and Metaphysical Indeterminacy. Their Nature and Representation Barry Maund. When a term is applied to one of its absolute borderline cases the result is a statement that resists all attempts to settle whether it is true or false.

A glut is a proposition that is both true and false.