Coming from Persia (now Iran), Mahmud Gawan brought with him fabrics, Ethiopian slaves, jewels and most importantly, Arabian horses. Imaduddin Mahmud Gawan (mehmUd gavAn) (ಮೆಹ್ಮೂದ್ ಗವಾನ್) belongs to that rare breed of administrators who rendered great service to the. Mahmud Gawan Madrasa is an old Islamic school (Madrasa), located in Bidar, Karnataka state of India. The school was built by Khwaza.

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Its principal east facade, now partly ruined, faces the city’s main street leading to the citadel. Gawan was rich due to his international trade but spent his entire earnings on promotion of education. The entire elevation is in three manmud of arched openings surmounted by a wide parapet. But most of them declined the offer due to age and arduous journey.

The minaret is elegant with Samarkhand-like domes here and there. He was familiar with the renowned colleges at Samarkhand and Khorasan in Persia and his own college or Madrassah was modeled on the West Asian architecture. Whatever remains now is not even a pale shadow of its former self. Init was appropriated by Aurangzeb for use as a military barrack.

Most of the surface treatment is composed of colour produced by glazed tiles. A Textbook of Medieval Indian History. The madrasa library held over 3, books. Many of the blue tiles on the mosque’s outer walls have been pilfered.

A Deccan story: Mahmud Gawan

Maybe in some corner, the spirit of Gawan still watches over the place. This was all possible because Mahmud Gawan was familiar with renowned colleges at Samarkhand and Khorasan.


Gawan tried to get renowned scholars from Persia and other West-Asian countries for teaching and heading the now famous college. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Second, it weakened the power of its arch-enemy Vijayanagare Kingdom. It was the first step in what would eventually prove to gasan a meteoric rise for Gawan.

The letter was duly delivered to the king who was always in a drunken state.

Retrieved 16 March The open space behind the monument is used as cricket ground by locals, with the ball s often hitting the monument.

Gawan’s growing clout in the court was a sour point with Dakhani or local Muslim leaders. Retrieved from ” https: More from The Times of India. In a drunken state the Sultan ordered him executed in April After this capture, the madrasa was principally appropriated as barrack for a body of cavalrywhile a room or rooms near the left Minar were used to store gunpowder which exploded in an accident.

Mahmud Gawan, India – Polarsteps

Just drop in a gwan at toiblogs timesinternet. It also had big lecture halls, a prayer had and a matchless library of three thousand volumes. He was known for his profound scholarship in the Middle East before coming to India.

He represented a refined and cosmopolitan vision of the contemporary Persian culture He became the minister of Fairoze and exhibited his ability in more than one field.

Achievements and Reforms Made by Mahmud Gawan

He took several measures to spread education. Architecture Forts Economies Gawab. The Madrassah building had a large courtyard with nearly a thousand cubicles where students and learned men who came from all parts of the country and East could stay. Gawan was given the rank mamud a nobleman in the Bidari court, with 1, men at his command. Historical Places in Karnataka.


I thank God that he gave me an opportunity to lay down my life in the cause of the dynasty. Talent such as that of Mahmud Gawan. Mahmud Gawan Madarasa is among the monuments in Bidar that require round-the-clock watch.

File:Madarasa of Mahmud – Wikimedia Commons

This article needs additional citations for verification. Traces of exquisite colorful tiles are still visible on the walls of the building. Some of the reforms brought in by him were detrimental to the interest of the Governors from Dakhan. In a drunken and hazy state of mind, the Sultan ordered the execution of his chief minister.

Bidar Trip – Mohamad Gawan Madrasa He captured Goa in Mahmud Gawan of Bidar. In the end ofit was invested by Aurangzeb himself. Schemes in white, green and yellow showing floral patterns and arabesques. The library had some books related to various disciplines.

The governors became directly accountable to the Sultan. However there was an undercurrent of hatred against him because he was treated as a foreigner by local Muslim communities and his rise to power was not tolerated.