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May 21, Email This You only register your dog with the AKC if you have a FULL BLOODED breed of dog whom parents had AKC reistered papers. If you. If you could serve your community in this way, please sub- mit your candidate statement to the BCC by June. The Bridgeville . Twenty mile riders – Tour of the Unknown Coast May 5, .. you get kids that are more likely to engage in drunk driving, have .. For Sale— AKC registered black standard. May 3, What do you do when you read a news story that claims pit bulls make up only 5 percent of the dog population but account for a third or even half .

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Here we see a minority breed take the number one spot, year after year… In fact, over the last 12 years, they have killed 6.

Hey you see picks of what humans do to eachother! We owned dogs when I was growing up as a child—german shepherd, cocker spaniel etc, as well as many cats and birds. And they are also exceptionally gentle with children druo the ultimate class clown. When you buy a home, there are factors that figure aic-u your insurance bill. The actual percentage is somewhere between 2. How does this relate to evolution?

You see how unreasonable I now appear? Look at wild mustangs or prezewalskis, horses that breed naturally — they have straight shoulders, short legs, and huge feet. I just found it ironic that a friend posted a pro-pit message on facebook the same week a man got mauled by two pits here in Chicago albeit likely poorly raised animals.


He was a rescue. Having breeds or types allows you to ensure the dog you get will be a certain size, or activity level or coat type. Previously showed in AKC. Did it kill her?

Your dogs are socialized and well trained, and would never bite somebody. YES it is breed specific. The entry on the gentle Staffordshire refers to the British breed. How bout a forum to dispel the myths that cats are friendly in West Phila? Basset Hounds too, along with druj issues and eye issues.

Ohio’s New ‘Vicious Dog’ Liability Law Becomes Effective May 22

But, seeing their fear and misery as they suffered through horrible unnecessary illnesses made me consider that breeding is a form of abuse. I rarely see one in hunting trials or heard of anyone still using them for that. Really, so does that apply to you?

You have created an interesting test here Doc. The result was a horrific bite to the face. The link goes to goes to a vet office in Venezuela. Most dogs I see at shelters now are pit bulls and pit bull mixs! Irresponsible ownership is the real issue. When you have seen the face of a 8 yr old after ankle -biter has bitten her face-taking her eye and a large piece of cheekmonths of skin grafts and counselling, she is now 21 still has the scars-and shakes with fear when she sees a drjk dog.


What have you ever fought for in life? Pit bulls were bred to be courageous and game, to continue whatever they are doing in the face of adversity. No one with any sense would suggest keeping an alligator in a home with children, and to keep a Pit Bull, rather than dtuk other safe breeds, is totally irresponsible.

Greeter bent down to 20112 the dog while it was sitting in a store cart. I ended up on this site because the pit next door ran into my yard and attacked my leg badly yesterday. And that is what brings me to the GSD.

And yes any dog can bite, any dog can be raised aggressive and is a huge issue. There really is no such thing as a healthy bulldog.

Pit Bull forum to help dispel myths about the breed | West Philly Local

Just some food for thought. This comment cracks me up! Both Colleen Lynn Owner of Dogsbite and Merritt Clifton have been proven to have fabricated and altered statistics to suit their needs, and nearly all of the material they promote is false. I love all animals but the sad akc-k sorry fact is that they are that.