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I thought this was horribly written. Just an ok read. Suddenly she, a vicar’s daughter, is in the precarious position of resisting his tantalizing advances.

She knows he just wants her to unuo his next conquest and makes it clear that they will never be more then friends. It seems as though since the author wanted him to be out there for a long time that rather than just indicating that intention she detailed every smoke.

Vicky Dreiling – Dorințele Unui Conte

Anyone that loves Historical Romances set in Regency England. It was a moment of desperation. Vicky Dreiling is a wonderful author who pulls you in to the worlds that she creates. The characters are endearing and magical and charming.

Not one eorintele my “go” buttons, although others may find it to be theirs. Feb 08, June rated it liked it. He knows Laura needs to be needed and he is not sure he can do that for her. He was so sweet and gentlemanly and everything a hero should be. Laura and Bell’s romance was a fun journey to read. Will Bell be able to find the words to express his true feelings before Laura is gone for good? May 06, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it really liked it Shelves: I normally hate books where a pregnancy makes the hero come up to snuff, but in this case I think it worked given how he never wanted a family.

This is also the first time I have had a chance to read from this author. There really wasn’t unki that I disliked, I just wasn’t drawn in to Laura and Bell’s story for some reason.


Vicky Dreiling – Dorinele unui – [PDF Document]

Ever start reading a book and just know you have read this premise before? When he makes the threat though Bell happens to be there and Laura announces they are engaged.

What a wonderful thing to say about any book. At a young age his entire family died and he is determined to never again put himself in a situation where he can feel that way. This one is no different, because I just loved the scenes with Bell and his friends, Colin and Harry.

Mar 03, Holly rated it liked it Shelves: When circumstances change, his gentlemanly nature comes back into force but Laura is not sure she wants what he offers On the brink of losing her stepson, Laura turned to the notorious Lord Dofintele for help. Laura Davenport, a widow, has been raising her step son on her own for the last four years.

Vicky Dreiling – Dorinele unui conte.pdf

The greatness of this book made me purchase the Kindle version when it first came out and the paperback edition when I was last in the Cnote a few weeks back. Totally enjoyed this book from beginning to end.

Couldn’t wait to put it down Andrew Carrington, Earl of Bellingham has lost it all. There was a lot of telling us what the characters were doing, and it didn’t seem like very nuanced writing. Bell and his two pals Harry and Colin are just hilarious together.

It’s a story of two people who have no plans to ever marry and find once they start spending time with each other that what they thought was fact, turns upside down What a fun read! He was a great character. You find yourself rooting for Bellingham to get with the program and figure out that Laura is everything he needs.


But from the moment he sets foot connte her drawing room, he gets far more than he bargained for When Bellingham come dorimtele Laura’s son out with the wrong sort of friends he goes to return an item that the son hid.

I thoroughly enjoyed their conversations together. The blurb on the back drew me in.

Vicky Dreiling – Dorințele Unui Conte – Free Download PDF

Montclief is perhaps the least dastardly and effective villain since Dr. The story was enchanting and full of fun characters, engaging plot, uuni twists and turns to keep you drawn into the story. The story starts off quite different than any of the recent books I have read, a chance encounter between Laura, Lady Chesfield and Andrew, Lord Bellingh Another great book by Vicky Cknte, and this one is shot right out of the park!

The plot was well paced. I was hooked the entire way through and the ending was perfect. Unji love, won’t hurt. With the season in full swing, Lord Bellingham is on the hunt for a new mistress. She holds degrees in English literature and marketing.

First off, let me say how gorgeous that cover is. Laura’s stepson captured my heart too along with Bell’s two friends Harry and Colin.

Montclief is constantly lurking in the background — and frequently brought up — as a danger to the characters.

I really like Vicky Dreiing’s debut so I’m so excited when she start new book, however, What a Wicked Earl Wants came as a bit dissapointment. Justin is 17 and trying to show his independence but falls into the wrong crowd.