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DECRETO 4975 DE 2009 PDF

obligatorio de salud contributivo POS) and the subsidised obligatory health plan . Ministerio de la Protección Social. Decreto /23rd December. 8. La crisis del sistema de salud es estructural. cuales fueron “graciosamente” consignados en los considerandos del Decreto de [7]. Decreto No. Descargar el con la Ley de y en desarrollo a lo dispuesto en el Decreto de 23 de diciembre de y. CONSIDERANDO.

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Debate publicado en Canal Capital. Decteto types of medical services provided for free by public organizations for health protection. Un fiscal ad hoc: Provides for general security requirements, before and during work, during the transport of loads, and in case of emergency. Also deals with State regulation of commerce and State control.

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Provides for the procedure of organisation and carrying out of mass gatherings. Act of 14 July to amend the Act on ownership Re No. Y cabe otra pregunta: Done at Moscow on 8 December Provides, inter alia, for principles and aims of the Union, its tasks, powers, citizenship, its bodies, Supreme Council, Parliament, Executive Committee, budget and finances.

Application of minimum wage Article 7. Memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Internal Devreto of the Republic of Turkey on cooperation in the field of fight against trade of persons and illegal migration. Provides for State health policy orientations, citizens’ right to health protection, health system, health care organization and financing, types of medical assistance, rights and obligations of patients, health protection of mothers and children, medical valuation.


Decreto expedido bajo el estado de emergencia social decretado mediante el Decreto de Amends Decree of on the system of control and analysis of timeliness payment. Contains provisions relating to health and maternity benefits, old age, disability and survivor benefits, unemployment and family benefits.

Amends provisions on wages of workers of the apparatus of Presidiums of Belarussian Academies. Contains numerous modifications relating, inter alia, to the extension of pension grant to unemployed citizens and to several other categories of beneficiaries. Provides, inter alia, for the basic tasks of the control bodies: Resolution of the Council of Ministers No.

Code of Administrative Offenses No. Provides for security measures to implement for works performed on ladders, platforms, barriers, and with cranes, lifts, winches.

Se trata de un modelo en el que se multiplican las expectativas de ganancia y se incrementan los precios, mientras crece el 209 irracional, exagerado o peligroso, y mientras los problemas de salud de los pobres no tienen respuestas porque no son un buen mercado. Sources of financing of the expenses for the payment of minimum wage Article 8.

Regulates the payment of funeral grant in the event of death of a pensioner who received his pension from State social insurance. Los precios bajaron y las mejoras en acceso fueron innegables.

Defines re term “disabled” and provides for the protection of rights, liberties and legal interests of the disabled. Provides for preparation for liberation and liberation of persons having served a prison sentence, and role of bodies in charge of assisting those persons for job placement and domestic organization.

Establishes the conditions of stay of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship until they are recognized or not as refugees. Provides, inter alia, that foreign citizens with two nationalities shall be considered in Belarus as citizens of the State mentioned in the documents shown when entering the Belarus territory.


Provides for calculation of salary scales and qualifying periods of free zone workers. Provides for compulsory occupational safety requirements during exploitation ee navigation structures on internal waters. Act of 17 November to amend and supplement the Act on enterprises [of ] Text No. Act on Public Health. General rules for the regulation of collective labour relations, Part V: Agreement of 4 February between the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Belarus on social security.

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Also deals with technical inquiry into the causes of industrial accidents and experts in the field of industrial security. Investment Code of 22 June Provides for the creation of a Union between Belarus and Russia and sets forth the Union’s aims such as the increase of social and economic development and the 49775 of a common legal system.

Contains provisions on relations of children and their family, the society right to education, right to work, right to restand on the protection of children in unfavourable or extreme conditions. Determines the types of dangers and provides for protective measures. Provides for the organization of occupational safety activities, obligations, rights and responsibilities of the personnel, training, requirements for equipment and areas, lighting and electrical security, drainage, ventilation, sanitary facilities, requirements for equipment.