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Publicaciones del Instituto de Historia 1. Wherever possible in this report, the analysis is disaggregated by indigenous group. The next chapter addresses the issue of why growth has not been inclusive in Guatemala.

Among young people not attending secondary schooling, 46 percent cite a lack of resources as the principal cause, well above the 17 to 23 percent figures in El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

The large informal sector is a symptom of a lack of opportunities, and contributes to the low productivity of the economy as a whole. A similar situation exists in the education sector where legal issues are affecting the ability of the education system to provide high quality services. Tipografia “El Faro”, Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores. On the one hand, those who do not benefit from public spending have little incentive to pay taxes or demand greater tax collection.

Other Demographic Characteristics Poor and non-poor households have significantly different characteristics in terms of their household structure and employment status table 2.



University of Texas Press, The same was true within the rural sector: Jose Rafael Oliva’s views concerning the problem of the temporalities in Frustrated Plans and the State of the Apache Frontier, — Diario Giornale di bordo del primo viaggio, Huppi-Ravallion decompositions look at intra-area and across areas changes in poverty.

Although large firms in the private sector could be reaching their potential, this is not the case for the private sector as a whole and its large number of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. ForWorld Bank Private households must either do without services or pay out of pocket for the services that should be provided by the government such as security, education, and health care. La labor diplomatica de D.

Archivo de Adolfo C. Of concern is the fact that, while the level of stunting among children in the bottom 40 percent has fallen sincethere has been a small increase for those in the top two quintiles.

Informality is pervasive in the Guatemalan economy, and this is detrimental to poverty reduction, productivity, and tax collection. Early Contacts compraativos New Mexico: Anales mexicanos Puebla, Tepeaca, Cholula: Population of the Pimeria Alta Missions — Appendix 3.

Access to health care is also limited, and geographic disparities persist.

Fuller — Voices of Resistance: Secretaria de relaciones exteriores. For extreme poverty, the within-area increase in poverty was 4. The World Bank shall not be liable for any content or error in this translation.

South America — General

Transcription of documents, on a variety of topics, dispersed in private collections. Opening the Central Corridor. Matters of Life at Death: Nothing herein shall constitute or be considered to be a limitation upon or waiver of the privileges and immunities of The World Bank, all of which are specifically reserved. Finally, other factors, such a rising demand for child labor or worsening of the security situation bolletin be affecting enrollment.


This is an adaptation of an original work by The World Bank. However, the gravity of the malnutrition story is best illustrated by the fact that, even in the department with the lowest levels of stunting, Guatemala, three out of ten children suffer from chronic malnutrition. House of Tlaloc, Lockhart, James Marvin and Otte, Enrique.

Indian women of early Mexico. However, household survey data show no real growth. Orders and instructions to Admiral Pez. A translation of Bean’s Memoirs covering the period between andto which is added the story of his youth and his adventures fonancieros after Both median monthly and hourly earnings have fallen in real terms for the poor since In absolute terms this remains a wide gap but at the same time represents real and positive change. A Boletun Blinder decomposition shows that two-thirds of the differences in poverty between indigenous groups and non-indigenous groups is due to different endowments, while the remaining third is due to unexplained differences in the returns to these endowments.

Views and opinions expressed in the adaptation are the sole responsibility of the bpletin or authors of the adaptation and are not endorsed by The World Bank.

Although these scores improved between andGuatemala still scores below the Latin American average on 3rd and 6th grade reading and math figure 3.