Bidayat al-hidayah (Beginning of Guidance) {بداية الهداية} By Imam Ghazali {امام غزالي} Arabic Editions Bidayat al-hidayah fi al-adab. Bidayat al Hidayah was written by Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al- Ghazālī during his last days. It is a guidebook describing the principles of getting . بداية الهداية ويليه: عقيدة الإمام الغزالي. BIDAYAT AL-HIDAYAH + ‘AQIDAT AL- IMAM AL-GHAZZALI. AUTHOR. Imam Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad al-Ghazzali (d.

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Like al-Ghazali, al-Makklalso emphasized the seeking of only that which is lawful.

Full text of “bidayat-al-hidayah-by-imam-al-ghazali”

To this ritual prayer is the reference of the Bidahat amc verse start. This book may not seem to be suited to the hurried life of a modern city. If you are unable to reach the high grade of the angels at least take care not to fail from the grade of the lower animals and inanimate objects to the rank of scorpions, snakes and beasts of prey.

If, then, you want to guard your bodily members against sins, you must al-yidayah your soul, and this is through inward piety. When enter- ing the lavatory supplicate: Now I shall give you counsel bidayxt a short treatment of good manners so that you may charge your carnal soul with them in your association with servants of God exalted is He!

Cursing Beware of cursing anything which God exalted is He! Ali these should be your distinctive characteristics in all your days and nights, for they are the rules of companionship with a Com- panion Who does not leave you [at all], whereas [your companions from among] people sometimes leave you. Do not be occupied with amusement and sport; if you do this, it will constitute the end of all your activities before going to sleep, since activities are judged by the one which is performed at the end.

Sins are committed when carnal desires are followed, crossing the limit set by Islam, and the instruments by -which they are committed are the seven members of a man ‘s body.


The procedure of theformer prayer is to some extent different from that of the latter Al-Ghazali has cited this formula in his al- Wajh, Cairo, A.

Place your hands on your thighs with the fingers outstretchedand supplicate: Do, then, whatever you iike. Equally needed is a sense of the importance of time for the pious life and gidayat careful planning of time and arranging duties from morning to evening.

God, in Your name I live and die.

Bidayat al hidayah by imam al ghazali | Hazim Aieryl –

If you have not yet performed ablution or do not want to do so. One who seeks this world by means of reiigion will lose both worlds, whereas one who forsakes this world for the sake of reiigion will gain both worlds.

God, cleanse my mind from hypocrisy and protect my genitals from adultery. After this occupy yourself with intellectual discourse or the study of a book. O Mu’adh, that Tradition is: Do not imagine that sinfulness belongs only to the speaker and not to the hearer. He states the reason why avoidance of prohibited acts is rnore difficuit than the performance of acts of obedience. Even if he does not make the intention the ritual prayer of the congregation will be valid, provided xl-hidayah make the intention of following him, and they will obtain the reward of ritual prayer in congregation.

It isentitled The Sun ash-Shams. God is indeed the greatest. It has supplementary notes deducing the origins of ahadiths and statements mentioned in the text. For its merits see Quasem, Al-hjdayah, pp. Admonition has a distinctive quality and form and requires kindness.

In this connection al-Ghazali mentions the significance and aim of fasting and how it serves as the foundation of all devotional acts and the key to all that draws man near to God. Everyone who considers himself better than any other of God’s creatures exalted is He!

Bidayat al Hidayah by Imam al Ghazali

Then the oppressor becomes his creditor, and will make his demand on the Day of Resurrection. In the two obligatory rak’ as of the Dawn Prayer and in the first Qur’an6: Imam Al-Ghazali shares with us how a man should order his life from hour to hour and day to day.


If your purpose in saying, ‘May God make him better! Do not, therefore, be pleased with that in yourself. Consider, then, which of your affairs is important — [a] to leara how to guard against these destructive qualities, to occupy yourself with the improvement of your mind and to prepare for your happiness in the Hereafter; [b] or to engage with others in seeking such knowledge as causes an increase in pride, ostentation, envy and conceit, so that you will perish along with al-hkdayah who perish.

If you were to live, for example, to be a hundred even, that would be little compared with your residence in the abode of the Hereafter which is eternal Consider how in the quest for this present world you endure hardship and humiliation for a month or year, for you hope that thereby you will bidayxt rest for twenty years, for example.

Strive after the purification of your soul from them.


Madbacadda Iftiinka Aqoonta Swe. The Lord [32] of this world and of the next is one, and in both He is Generous and Merciful; His generosity does not increase through your acts of obedience, but it consists in His making easy for you the way of al-hldayah at the everlasting and eternal kingdom [i. Concerning the reward of taking responsibility bodayat an orphan, the Prophet said that in Paradise his own rank and that of one who takes the responsibi- lity of an orphan will be as close as two fingers.

From this sitting for rest, stand up placing your hands on the ground but not moving one foot fonvard as you rise. Beware, again, beware of being ‘below Standard’! It consists of six short verses.