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Standard AS (Aerospace Requirements for Stockiest Distributors) defines specific requirements for suppliers and distributors that supply components to the . The most recent version of the AS standard was released in December, It is based on the changes included in the ISO standard. Aerospace Management. AS / ASB. The standard for stockists and distributors of parts to manufacturers that supply the aerospace industry.

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Risks associated as9210 external provision of products, processes and services Batch and lot splitting Foreign object prevention and detection FOD Traceability from receipt of the product to delivery Counterfeit parts prevention and detection Evidence of conformance and on-time delivery The AS quality management as1920 focuses on process requirements for distribution service quality.

Human factors could include physical fitness, physiological characteristics, personality, stress and fatigue to name just a few. Please contact us at AS is based on ISO but with an stndard requirements for aerospace distributors, the focus is primarily on areas that directly impact product safety and reliability. The process for management systems certification is straightforward and consistent for ISO management systems standards.

Customer satisfaction — through delivery of products that consistently meet customer requirements Reduced operating costs — through continual improvement of processes and resulting operational efficiency Improved stakeholder relationships — including staff, customers and suppliers Standarf compliance — by understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements impact an organization Improved risk management — through greater consistency and traceability of products and services Proven business credentials — through independent verification against recognized standards Ability to win more business — particularly where procurement specifications require certification as a condition to supply What the standard includes.

Though a number of those changes were necessitated by a change in the base standard, ISO Primarily, these additional requirements address: This standard is not intended for organizations that rework or repair products. Standard AS is part of the group of Aviation Standards AS that were prepared by the international organization SAE Aerospace under the auspices of IAQG — the umbrella organization of the aviation industry that includes stqndard of the largest companies in the field such as: What’s new with AS We sfandard your unique needs and work to help you achieve certification.


Customer satisfaction Deliver products that consistently meet customer requirements and a service that standars dependable and can be relied on. Benefits of Aerospace Certification Global recognition as a reputable supplier Certification is recognized internationally and accepted throughout industry supply chains, setting industry benchmarks for sourcing suppliers. Ready to start your journey? Service Industry NQA is particularly well-positioned to help interpret the standards and has auditors familiar and comfortable with service environments.

That’s why it’s our ad9120 to achieve accreditation for our services wherever possible. NQA is particularly well-positioned to help interpret the standards and has auditors familiar and comfortable with service stnadard. Procurement specifications often require certification as a condition to supply, so certification opens doors.

An expert ISO sales consultant is available to answer your questions. An organization can determine that as9102 and any other requirement is not applicable if its decision will not result in failure to achieve conformity of products and services see AS 4. Certification audits should help to improve your organization as well as meet the requirements of your chosen standard.

Some of the areas covered in AS include splitting specific requirements for batch and lot splittingcontrol of records, traceability tracking from receipt of product to deliveryand evidence of conformance distributors must meet document specifications.

The AS standard addresses requirements for companies that resell, distribute, and warehouse parts for aircraft and other aerospace, defense applications, but do not change the characteristics of the product.

LR UK [ Change ]. Because this certification is specifically designed for those companies who procure materials, assemblies and parts in order to sell these products to a customer within the Aerospace industry compliance is paramount for safety if nothing else. Consulting Support for AS Activities to continually improve quality. On World Environment Day – Tuesday 5 June — discover the many ways that you and your organisation can help beat plastic pollution.

The AS standard is specific for stockist or pass-through distributors or resellers, not manufacturers. Our people are among the leading professional experts in the field of quality, having experience and are familiar with client needs.


AS9120 Certification Definition

If you are in an organization that procures parts and assemblies for the Aerospace industry you already understand the importance of AS Certification. In this webinar, we outline the key areas, benefits and requirements of the new standard, as well as best implementation practices and give an insight into how ISO certification is the best route to ESOS compliance.

The standardd is not applicable to value-added distributors due to customer-product changes nor is it intended for organizations that rework or repair products. Our Accreditations We believe in the integrity of standards and rigor of the certification process.

We can assist with construction industry certification and training related to ISO and other standards. Continual improvement of processes and resulting operational efficiencies mean money saved.

AS Certification Services | International Standards Authority

What is AS certification? AS has been developed to help distributors minimize the occurrence of anything that could negatively affect the performance of their commodities. You will receive both a hard and soft copy of the sstandard. Organizations that perform work that affect or could affect product characteristics or conformity should use AS or another general quality management system standard.

Small Business We understand your unique needs and work to help you achieve certification. AS includes additional requirements beyond ISO To do that you must understand the interactions between people, machines and each other and their impact on human performance.

While this process may stqndard inconvenient it is designed so that companies who achieve the AS standard are constantly monitored for compliance. Reduce the number of audits by clients and their extent.

In order to keep your certification current you must be evaluated by a certifying body at least one per year. All of the AS series of standards tsandard significant change in late