Net vb, and C++) that demonstrate the usage of the ArcObject SDK. This class creates a command that will export the active view to any supported format. You can create a selection within ArcMap and use the Export Data command to export those features to another geodatabase. ArcPy function to export a map document’s page layout or data frame to the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.

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Edited my answer to show the exact changes I afcobjects to your code as posted above your 2nd code block. Here is the code snippet 1 My Data is in Excel file e I tried to incorporate it into my code but I could not get it to work.

Show “Finished Exporting Map” pExport. A number that arrcobjects the resolution of the export file in dots per inch DPI. Sign up using Email and Password.

Arcobjects SDK C# – Export MXD to PNG | GeoNet

Post as a guest Name. I rxport included a screen shot of the messages at the bottom of my original post. I am also receiving the “Implementing class Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I suspect the error is in my definition and relationship of the document, active view and page layout.


PNGs exported from the data view in ArcMap can be generated with an expoet world file for use as georeferenced raster data.

I have seen that code snippet.

Exporting selected features with the Export Data command—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS Desktop

I noticed that in my implementation, when dynamicMap. I have updated my 1st code to reflect the changes that were made from your suggestions.

Controlling graphic quality of the generated image differs for page layout exports versus data frame exports. World files are not generated for page layouts; a referenced data frame must be provided or the export will fail.

Update to ArcGIS Export Error: “Automation Exception workspace or data source is read-only”

I need to know the surface type topographic characterization of particular points along transects of this DEM. I keep receiving the error message: Once again I received an error related to unable to cast object to type. And for some reason I am still receiving the “unable to cast object” error solely on line 47 even if there is no code present at that line or if all the code for my PDF Createmodule is below line If set to Truea georeferenced world file is created.


A variable that references a MapDocument object. I ran into a problem using: I just tried taking away the import and reference and adding them again but I still have the error.

Exports the page layout or data frame of a map document. If set to True, an interlaced image will be created. An interlaced image displays as a series of scan lines rather than as a whole image at one time. Hey around, I have a two featureClasses of type Polygon where the slave-class depends on the master-class. I keep receiving the error message:. ExportToPNG example 2 This script will export a single data frame instead of the entire page layout, similar to exporting from data view in the ArcMap application.

A variable that references a DataFrame object. A defined color to be displayed as transparent in the image. When I use breakpoints and debug I am receiving the “Unable to Cast I have this code: Type to filter by text Filter by tag Sort Sort by date created: